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 6  14: 1:7: -0/9-/2004  JJE
 Pondering on the infamous circle.

 16: 1:3: -0/9-/2004
 When did a monument commemorating the first amendment become infamous? Why would you make a comment like that? Do you identify with your captors?
 17: 1:9: -0/9-/2004
 I'm sorry, I meant famous.... Again, I'm sorry.
 19: 2:0: -0/9-/2004
 September 17th, 2004, a day which will live in famy.
 19: 2:3: -0/9-/2004
 The circle as a monument to free speech is rather inposing. I didn't ask for it to be there. I can't move it. Nor can any of use. I say we give back the airspace.
 20: 0:0: -0/9-/2004
 I do not understand the ridicule. Just in case you never had the chance to read the Bill of Rights, you can find it at If you want help understanding the significance of the document, please ask a friend studying political science or any professor in the department. Please do not deride that what protects us from authoritarianism.
 21: 0:9: -0/9-/2004
 I am no deriding the first amandment, nor the protection it provides. I am deriding the circle which claims to memorialize.