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 4  11: 1:5: -0/9-/2004  goldmask
 a majority of its members: follow

 11: 2:1: -0/9-/2004
 who is following whom? also, the shadows are so clearly defined- very pretty
 12: 1:1: -0/9-/2004
 Yes, the shadows are more crisply defined and expressive than the people casting them. Even though the people are probably all on their own individual routes, they do look from above like they are part of some general pattern.
 12: 1:6: -0/9-/2004
 Look at these two genius comments. I don't think there's been a more productive meeting of minds since Hannah Arendt started dating Martin Heidegger.
 13: 0:9: -0/9-/2004
 is there something you need to talk about elbubblio? you seem to have a lot of aggression to vent.