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 6  01: 1:3: -0/9-/2004  asyanya
 ...observe the world around you.

 02: 1:5: -0/9-/2004
 Now that you have proven your wi-fi works and linked your nick and IP to your true identity..... No drama, but beware, for we will now be watching and tracking you.....the games afoot!
 02: 1:7: -0/9-/2004
 Nice! I think anyone who can can capture a demonstrate- cam photo of themselves capturing a demonstrate-cam photo of themselves (mobius-photogrpahy, anyone?) should definitely be entered into some kind of demonstrate hall of fame. Anyway, I love this shot. Sunglasses preserve a bit of anonymity... will your next self-portrait be more revealing, asyanay?
 03: 1:2: -0/9-/2004
 Now that we've both accomplished this, is anyone able to get in close enough for the camera to capture the screen?
 03: 1:9: -0/9-/2004
 see #445
 08: 0:2: -0/9-/2004
 This photo and #446 are a really nice counterpoint to each other. One shows the photographer staring up into one component of the system, the camera, and therefore unable to look directly at the other component of the system, his laptop. And the other shows the photographer staring down at his laptop while facing away from the camera. He can see much more of himself when looking at the laptop than when looking at the camera, but we get to see much more of him when he is looking up at the camera rather than down at his laptop.
 08: 1:3: -0/9-/2004
 FYI: this is not a self portrait of asyanya... interesting that people interpreted it that way. The person being photographed clearly knew that photos were being taken and the location of the photographer, but that doesn't mean that they were the photographer themselves!