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 2  26: 1:5: -0/8-/2004  dapasnapa
 nice pattern

 30: 2:2: -0/8-/2004
 Wow, I love the way your eyes can't stay still looking at this photo, since the competing lines keep everything wobbly. On the one hand, this appears to be a wall of some sort, taking of the field of vision and blocking you from accessing anything else--but on the other hand, it's so oddly unstable with its optical effects (what's solid and what's shadow?) that it seems less like a sturdy wall and more like a collage.
 03: 1:1: -0/9-/2004
 Yeah- for some reason it's hard to maintain a single spatial read on the image. Sometimes it's receding to the upper left, but then it shifts to lower right. It wasn't my intention, but I like the outcome.