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 7  24: 1:3: -0/8-/2004  SRAISKIN
 Interesting how the crowd forms a circle.

 24: 1:3: -0/8-/2004
 Neat one.
 24: 2:3: -0/8-/2004
 Notice the direction of the shadows? I wonder if the speaker knows he/she has an audience or if he/she is blinded by the light?
 01: 1:8: -0/9-/2004
 This is really intense - there was nothing like this where i went to college. Religion seems to be very present at this univeristy. there are a lot of tables on the plaza for religious groups. I am not sure why i am shocked by how present religion is on this campus. somehow i didn't expect it.
 01: 1:8: -0/9-/2004
 Oh, and what do you think God is angry about?
 28: 1:7: -0/9-/2004
 basically, i've heard a lot of these guys (in the past) pretty much imply that because we are in berkeley, we are sinners....
 28: 2:1: -0/9-/2004
 Not only do the onlookers form a circle, as pointed out by the caption, but they form a circle that maintains a distance of a couple yards from the speaker AND they seem to be carefully avoiding stepping into the Free Speech monument space.
 04: 1:3: -1/0-/2004
 It looks more like a square to me than a circle, which is even more curious.