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 10  23: 1:0: -0/8-/2004  es0teric
 Please let me remember this summer!

 23: 1:3: -0/8-/2004
 This is nice: it shows people in thought.
 23: 1:3: -0/8-/2004
 or hung over...
 23: 1:3: -0/8-/2004
 or in hopes that the person they are listening to stops talking.
 23: 1:5: -0/8-/2004
 Or maybe just sick of waiting in line
 23: 1:5: -0/8-/2004
 or the "other" people in that class.
 23: 2:0: -0/8-/2004
 The way heads are lowered and hands crossed, they appear to be praying. The fact that all the faces except the two who are looking out of the photo are hidden from view makes this photo rather solemn and upsetting, like the people are experiencing some kind of profound shock and grief. But as speculated above, it may be just boredom. In any case, if the people are indeed praying, then we have here an example of relgious freedom being practiced before our eyes.
 25: 0:9: -0/8-/2004
 They seems bored to me.
 27: 1:5: -0/8-/2004
 Bored to me too.
 01: 1:6: -0/9-/2004
 praying and being bored are not mutually exclusive are they?
 07: 1:5: -1/0-/2004
 everyone looks so sad.