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 6  08: 1:2: -1/0-/2004  BigRed
 How many?

 08: 1:4: -1/0-/2004
 the only other time in recent memory that there have been this many people or more on sproul was the day we bombed baghdad.
 08: 1:7: -1/0-/2004
 wow! that's alot of folks there.i wonder what was the event
 08: 1:7: -1/0-/2004
 It was the 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement. California assemblywoman-Los Angeles, Jackie Goldberg spoke, as did former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke. How did you miss all the news?
 08: 2:2: -1/0-/2004
 Realistically, this is like .01% of the student body - I walked by and the crowd ends at approxiamtely all the edges of this photo...
 09: 1:3: -1/0-/2004
 It's amazing how important the concept of the "head count" is to the perceived power of a rally or protest. We rely on images of masses and masses of people to prove to us that yes, this event mattered. The headcount at demonstrations is usually maximized by demonstrators and minimized by those who the demonstrators oppose. But as mnaylor points out, a photo can withold as much information as it contains--just because we see a photo that bursts to the brim with people doesn't meant that those people don't fade away just outside the frame of the photo. But by the same token, just because we focus on a certain number of people at the demonstration as captured in a photo doesn't mean that there aren't thousands of others out there, uncounted, who don't also passionately support the principles of the Free Speech Movement.
 13: 0:0: -1/0-/2004
 so true.